Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: Joseph Pearce

A lovely friend of mine had a baby a year or so ago, and has been struggling to find locations in town that are child-friendly. It's a tricky, and touchy, subject. I can't say that I especially enjoy having my lunch interrupted by screaming, yelling or crying children - that's to say nothing of the perils of waitressing with toddlers on the roam - but I do agree with my friend that having a child should not mean that the only place you can socialise with other adults is Wacky Warehouse.

Photo from their website

We'd both heard good things about Joseph Pearce's, part of the local Boda Bar chain, which is situated at the top of Leith Walk. The food got good recommendations from friends, who informed us it was a child friendly place, and therefore decided to have a trip for brunch. We were keen, being the first to arrive at opening time - 11am, where we were greeted cheerily by a waitress that helped us carry the buggy up the stairs to their back room. They've developed a child friendly zone, complete with microwave, plastic cups and sofas at the back of restaurant area, where we were made to feel instantly welcome. My friends daughter was excited about the range of toys, while we were excited about the menus in old childrens books. Nice touch.

The staff didn't mind the little one nibbling raisins that my friend had brought with her and helped us put up a high chair when our food arrived. We'd both plumped for the classic brunch - a toasted brioche, topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs, with an addition of bacon. At £7.70, it was on the expensive side for a fairly small portion, so I was glad we'd also plumped for a portion of hassleback potatoes (£3.60).
By 12.30, the area was heaving with a mix of people, varying from ladies lunching, to young families catching up with friends. The atmosphere was nice, friendly, and the staff attentive, despite it being busy. It's a shame that the children's area is right at the back - attempting to leave with a buggy and a toddler by 1.30, when the bar was packed, wasn't an easy experience, but the staff were again there to give us a hand.

Would I go back to JP's? Yes, if I was meeting a friend with a child. It was nice to be able to take our time and enjoy the surroundings and company. No, if I was going 'child-less'. The portions, whilst tasty, were small for the price, it was incredibly noisy, and the crammed in furniture made me feel a little squashed.

Two breakfasts, two juices and a portion potatoes: £26


  1. One of my group of blogging friends that meet in the Burgh has just had a baby, and we are all fond of Sofi's - another Boda Bar - so this recommendation couldn't have come at a better time!

    Thank you :)

  2. I've not been to Sofi's, although have heard good things about it - I'll have to give it a try!