Monday, 21 May 2012

Event: Edinburgh Cake Ladies do Terrific Towers of Traybakes

I can't remember how I discovered the Edinburgh Cake Ladies. It was a while ago - maybe nearly a year ago - but it was a good day. My first event just happened to be this one (which I didn't blog about - it was during a non-blogging phase). It was great. I meant it when I said cake is amazing. And my Guinness and chocolate cake was pretty bloody good.

Moving forwards, these ladies have started to become regular elements of my social calendar. There is something wonderful about being able to chat food all evening at a supper club or a pudding club with people who won't judge if you go back for seconds. In fact, as I have discovered since last October, it's positively encouraged.

Last Wednesday saw the arrival of Towers of Terrific Traybakes. The ladies have stepped away from the cakes lately towards a wider variety of baking (in fact, no-bake for some of the ladies this week). Although I'm a fan of variety, I do have a bit of a fear of traybakes. I should whisper when I admit I don't really like them. I can't put my finger on why (unlike cupcakes, which I can tirade about). I think it's the over-sweet over-chocolatey tendency that they can have. They're so often made with low quality chocolate in cafes that I get half way through and can't finish. After this lot, though, I am converted...
My dinner! Clockwise from top: lemon and blueberry, fig and pistachio, pavlova slice, Canadian Nanaimo and a millionaire's shortbread marshmallow.  
My effort: Yorkshire parkin. I used this recipe.
At the end of the evening, the tupperware come out, and the leftovers are divided up to take home. A great way of getting to try things that there just isn't room for on the night (or as one lady said - as a reward for her babysitter!)
A lovely evening, getting to know lovely people. In fact, we were all so busy chatting that we didn't notice a certain Colin Firth coming in to buy some art. I could not be more gutted!
Thanks to the Edinburgh Cake Ladies for organising it, and the marvellous Bon Papillon cafe for hosting us!

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