Sunday, 8 December 2013

Share Advent: 2013 in Photographs

About a year ago I got a new phone. I was never really that bothered by phones – I’ve never rushed out to get the new model or the shiniest on offer. One of my friends has been known to queue at 6am for the latest *insert product*. I am very much of the opinion that he has more money than sense.

I was a latecomer to the smart phone revolution, and ended up getting my current phone because it was free with my contract. It’s alright, it does the trick, the apps are fun. But the main thing I like is that having a camera in my pocket has encouraged me to look at the world around me a little differently, and to record what I see, particularly as I live in such a beautiful city. I haven't done much with these photos (although I keep thinking I should), but there are a few that I really love. Photos unedited unless from Instagram.
Christmas Eve 2012: Sunset over Belfast Lough and Bangor marina.
January: Snow on Arthur's Seat (instagram).
January: Stormy skies at Cramond (instagram).
February: Sunset behind the castle from Waverley Bridge.
March: Lighthouse lens at the National Museum of Scotland (instagram)

April: The view from my new flat.
June: A week of good food, good books and good company. Kefalonia, Greece 
July: Friends came to visit. Board games, wine and laughter. 
July: A week of heat brought bright colours. 
August: Friday night in.
August: Cloudy skies, bright bunting. North Berwick on the boyfriend's birthday.
August: Edinburgh Art Festival installation. Christine Borland & Brody Condon. Daughters of Decayed Tradesmen  
August: Interior of the Watchtower of New Calton Burial Ground.
September: Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man. Possibly the best exhibition I've ever seen (instagram).
October: Grey skies, grey water, Forth Bridge (instagram).
October: Sunset and the city skyline.
November: Fun with science at a Google Edinburgh event.
November: Sunset from my living room.
November: Fiery skies.
December: Cold and frosty with blue skies. Sunday lunch and a walk along The Shore, Leith.

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  1. These are great photos. I lobe the one of the bridge.