Saturday, 1 February 2014

Edinburgh: Winter Light

January was busy. That's a good thing - it provided an alleviation of the blues which normally hang around. It's not been a particularly cool and crisp January. The snow hasn't come, so the skies have been less bright, more overcast this year. Without the Christmas lights, it's been easy to feel that it's been a dark and damp month. I've been trying to focus on the beauty of the winter light as the days lengthen. It is definitely a redeeming feature of this time of year. There have been occasional blue skies to enjoy, icy mornings and red skies. Green tips are already starting to come through in the parks. It feels like Spring is on its way.
Morning light, sunrise from Princes Street.
Red sky in the morning. Sunrise on my walk to work.
Sunrise over Calton Hill. 
Winter light on a frosty afternoon. Beach walk, Helen's Bay, Northern Ireland.
Evening light over Calton Hill. 


  1. I love Edinburgh sunsets... your pictures are beautiful.

  2. These are stunning photos - you have a wonderful eye.

    And what a positive way to look at January. I should take a leaf out of your book - and not turn into a huddle of misery every year.

  3. I love these photos. I love the light at the moment. It has been one of my favourite things about the move.