Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Glasgow: Commonwealth Games 2014

I am not really one for sport, I'm definitely a jogger, not a runner. I jog because I love cake and fitting in to my trousers. I'll admit though - I was mighty excited about heading over to Glasgow to spend a morning at the Commonwealth Games.
We emerged from Queen Street Station, blinking, into the glorious sunshine (a first for everything, it usually rains when I’m in Glasgow), straight into George Square. Painted lines led us to maps of where to go, and green dots helped us find our way to the Scottish Hockey Centre. At 8am, the city was still slightly sleepy, and the only folk we passed were early morning workers and a lot of Clydesiders – grinning, directing the crowd and generally creating a festival atmosphere. Even the police were laughing and joking with the spectators.

After a morning shouting on the hockey, making friends with spectators in nearby seats, and enjouing the sunshine, we headed back into town to meet up with friends. Much wandering was done. We explored the Glasgow Green Festival, and stopped by the West Brewery for a drink. 

There is something really lovely about having a day in the sunshine in a city which you vaguely know. It felt like a holiday. I don’t tend to head to Glasgow’s East End, other than straight in a cab to Barrowlands, but I loved getting to know a different part, and spotting the beautiful architecture.

A rather marvellous day.


  1. Lovely photos! My favourite place to be is a city I know well enough not to get lost in, but don't know TOO well. Takes a lot of stress away but still gives the thrill of discovery.

  2. Beautiful photos of a lovely day!