Monday, 19 January 2015

Somerset: Winter

Very few people that know me will be surprised to hear that I dislike January. Like many folk, I struggle with dark mornings, dark evenings, and the weather. I am a cool blooded creature - I need sunshine to thrive.

I think part of the 'problem' is how much it contrasts with December. We're all looking forward to Christmas, holidays, time off with family and friends. There's lights and music and mulled wine and mince pies. There's novelty knitwear and glittery nail varnish. January? Not so much. Spring feels like a very long way away when it's so stormy outside that you can't sleep.

Part of my December was spent down in Somerset with family. I've been thinking about how lovely it was quite a bit recently, now that I'm back in the city and the rain is lashing against the windows (alas, no snow in Edinburgh). The more time I spend in the country, the more I realise how much I want to live in a little town, complete with its own book shop, cosy pubs and weekend walking group. Somewhere with a lovely walk along a canal towpath into town. 
One day, one day.


  1. God yes. I think about moving to the bit of Dorset that we went on holiday to all the time. It's so beautiful and calm and quiet and not like London.

  2. This looks so idyllic. My ideal place to live would either be right in the middle of the city, or on the edge of a small town/village. At the moment I live in a kind of nowhere - it's on the edge of the city centre but a half hour walk to any decent pub or shop or restaurant, and far from the countryside too.

  3. Ooh it's lovely, I've heard Somerset is nice and idyllic :) my teenage self wanted to live in a city and now that I am, I'm a bit not fussed about it...luckily it's non central and quiet where I am, don't think I'd cope otherwise!