Tuesday, 3 February 2015

February Resolutions

I'm so glad that January is over and done with, and that February is firmly underway. Earlier mornings, walking to and from work in daylight, and excellent plans with family and friends. Resolutions for this month are mostly around enjoying myself and feeling good. I love Edinburgh but like most folk who live somewhere "exciting", I'm guilty of going to the same places all the time. Instead of going to old favourites - be it a cafe, museum or bookshop - I want to explore more. The same goes for packed lunches. I'm stingy, in that I won't pay £3.50 for a crap supermarket sandwich, but I do have a tendency to pull a box of soup and a breadroll out of the freezer at the last minute. Healthy but dull. If I make an effort to eat more interesting food and enjoy it, I feel good for the rest of the day (and I'm considerably less likely to snack on biscuits). Similarly - if I set aside a little bit of time each evening to do a quick whizz round with the Hoover or wipe down the bathroom, I'll have more time to enjoy the weekend and be less resentful of Sunday evenings spent cleaning instead of watching trashy films. The jewellery one? Not remotely related to my having had an uncharacteristic moment of overexcitement in the 70% off section on pay day. Not at all.


  1. I find the chore thing really useful - I focus on one room a day but, because they're all getting attention once a week, they only take me a few minutes each. So much better than waiting until I can't stand how filthy the flat is any more and spending a weekend alternately sulking, procrastinating and cleaning.

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. I try and do that chore thing, it gets frustrating at times but is really helpful, and I am trying to hit up new places all the time if I can. I like your February resolutions - they are all super positive :)